The Professional Committee of China Steel Construction Society for Steel Construction Safety Supervision and Test


The professional committee of China Steel Construction Society for steel construction safety supervision and test is recommended by State Administration of Work Safety and reported to Ministry of Civil Affairs of the People’s Republic of China for approval. As an affiliate to China Steel Construction, the professional committee is specialized in safety supervision and testing the steel construction and related products. The professional committee is established in December, 2012. Group members of the committee include construction enterprises, manufacturing enterprises, designing and research institutes, universities and testing institutions. The board of directors and the standing board of directors include professors, experts and entrepreneurs in steel construction research, manufacturing, designing, building and testing fields. Currently, the professional committee owns 200 group members. The number of group members is greatly expanding.


The missions of the professional committee

1.      To promote the quality and safety in the field of steel construction.

2.      To organize the safety test, evaluation, training and consulting services.

3.      To promote the participation in exploring new testing methods, R&D new products and setting national standards in the field of steel construction.

4.      To organize the accreditation on ability level of civil construction testing institutes.

5.      To provide a platform for the exchange and cooperation.

6.      To accomplish the issues assigned by some State Ministry and China Steel Construction Society.

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